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European IMAGO-conference 2024

June 27th – 30st – Summer 2024

The Space Between

The Body as a Doorway

Our fantastic Imago conference on Bornholm. The central theme of the conference this year will focus on incorporating the body more effectively in dialogue.

Hence, the chosen name: “The Space Between – the body as a doorway”

See program below!

We are extremely excited to come together in our wonderful Imago spirit. We look forward to growing professionally, forging new and stronger connections with each other, and strengthening the Nordic and european Imago collaboration under the sunny skies of Bornholm.

We are incredibly excited about this conference event, which, like in 2022, provides Imago colleagues with a unique opportunity to meet, share professionally inspiring workshops, and enjoy many delightful moments. This year with the body taking center stage amidst the beautiful nature of Bornholm.


We have succeeded in inviting two prominent international experts, Joe Kort and Sophie Slade.

Read more about them in the section: ‘Our Workshop Presenters’.

Dates: June 27th til 30st.: The European IMAGO Conference 2024

  • Location: Allinge Bornholm, Denmark read more below.
  • PRICE: 1.300,00

    The Beautiful Island of Bornholm, Denmark

    Our Workshop Presenters

    Sophie Slade

    Sophie Slade

    Ph.D. and has been honored to receive both the Helen LaKelly Hunt Award for Community Building and the Harville Hendrix Award for Clinical Excellence.

    She has worked in private practice for over 30 years, seeing mainly couples but also individuals with relationship challenges.

    She is an Imago Workshop Presenter, giving workshops in French and English in Montreal, London, and around the world, whenever possible, with my husband, David.

    As an Imago senior clinical instructor she offers trainings to therapists and others around the world and contribute to the development of theory and new advanced trainings.

    Sophie Slade is undeniably a towering figure in the realm of Imago.. Having been involved since its inception, her impact on the growth of Imago is immeasurable. Beyond her Imago expertise, Sophie is a skilled poet, and learning from her is akin to a serene immersion in language. The resonance of Sophie’s teachings will linger in your memory indefinitely.

    Read about Sophie´s workshop: Satisfying sex for committed couples

    Jim Toft

    Ph.D., author, lecturer, speaker, therapist. More than 30 years experience with movement as a part of treatment.

    john hjarsø mortensen

    John Hjarsoe Mortensen

    Ph.d. & M.Sc. psych.aut from the University of Copenhagen, employed as an external lecturer at the Department of Psychology (University of Copenhagen), responsible for the teaching on the extension module “Psychology of Relationships”.

    PhD in training psychotherapists and couple therapists and also employed as a clinical professor at Daybreak University in Los Angeles California.

    Joe Kort

    Joe Kort

    Psychotherapist Joe Kort, PhD, LMSW, is the clinical director and founder of The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health in Royal Oak, Michigan. He is a board-certified clinical sexologist, author of four books, lecturer and facilitator of therapeutic workshops. Throughout his 36 years of private practice, he successfully has utilized varying therapy modalities to help hundreds of individuals and couples improve their lives and strengthen their relationships.

    Dr. Kort specializes in marital problems and conflicts; mixed orientation marriages; male sexuality and sexual health concerns; “sex addiction,” out-of-control sexual behaviors; sexual identity issues; childhood sexual abuse; LGBTQIA Affirmative Therapy; and Imago Relationship Therapy.

    Lea Haderup

    Lea is an organic psychotherapist and has been working with couples and individual
    clients since 2011. She is an advanced imago couples therapist, biological and relational
    trauma therapist and advanced fascial flow guide. She has been the main teacher at a
    psychotherapist education for 5 years and is now located in Copenhagen and is studying
    to get a master degree in pedagogy in Aarhus university. In her work with clients the body
    has always been a main element because it withholds all our trauma, emotions, and
    defense mechanism which prevent us from living the life we long for.

    john hjarsø mortensen

    Jesper Odde Madsen

    Facilitator, member of the IMAGO association. Science journalist (separating consciousness from the brain).

    Tomas Burvall

    Imago relationship therapist, supervisor and Imago workshop presenter. A world-level athlete with 5 World Cup gold medals in frisbee. Bachelor’s degree in Sport Science.

    At the age of 13, Tomas discovered the magic of Frisbee, fashioning a frisbeegolf course amidst the trees, light posts, and even a church gate (which he had to change due to some non-Imago people felt it was not the best way of using a church gate. At that time he disagreed).

    It was here, amidst the playful clang of discs against metal and the rustle of leaves, that a passion was born—a passion that would propel Tomas to traveling the world playing Frisbee.

    tango imago

    Jessica and Jacob Naeser Skov

    Jessica Naeser Skov has danced and worked with tango since 2004. She settled in Copenhagen where she taught Argentine tango, and during a course in 2008 she met Jakob Skov who was her student at the time. Love arose between the two as they swept across the dance floor and the interest in tango has welded them together even more since then. They are both Imago therapists and teach tango together, as an Imago tango-power-couple

    The program


    14:00 – 16:00 Arrival

    16:00 – 18:00 Tapas in the garden

    18:00 – 19:30 Tango in the Space Between

    With Jessica and Jacob Naeser Skov

    Jessica and Jacob will teach argentine tango – the tantra of dance. Beginner level, anyone can join.

    Argentine tango is unlike any other dance. It’s not about a series of steps. It’s not choreography. It’s about contact. About leading and following. About giving and receiving.

    Imagine a relationship without a power struggle. A relationship where your partner invests his capacity in listening with his whole body. That is the magic of tango. All accompanied by music of love and longing. Come and join the magical world of tango! 

    20:00 – … Dinner (if you are still hungry) – You provide your own dinner


    8:00 – 9:00 Morning movement, ‘Breath’. 

    With Lea Haderup. 

    This morning we will work with the breath and our connection and belonging to ourselves
    and to the world. There will be physical exercises that support deeper breathing and
    exercises that work with the blockages we have around breathing. We work individually, in
    pairs and in the group.

    8:00 – 9:00 Morning movement: ‘Unleash Your Inner Frisbee Champion!’

    With Tomas Burvall

    Join 5 time’s world champion Tomas Burvall, for an exhilarating Frisbee workshop that promises fun, laughter, and tricks to impress your friends at the beach this summer!

    Get ready to elevate your Frisbee game to new heights with my dynamic workshop, suitable for all ages and skill levels. Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or a seasoned player, this is your chance to learn some basic throws and masterful trick shots that will leave everyone in awe.

    Prepare for a morning filled with laughter, play, excitement, and camaraderie as you join fellow Frisbee enthusiasts in learning and practicing new skills.

    From basic throws to advanced trick shots, you’ll discover the secrets to tossing a Frisbee like a true champion. Impress your friends and family with your newfound skills!

    Once-in-a-Bornholm experience!

    Let’s make some Frisbee magic together!

    9:00 – 10:00 Breakfast

    10:00 – 10:45 Opening Ceremony

    11:00 – 12:30 Workshop: ‘The Body in the Space Between’ (part 1)

    With John Hjarsoe Mortensen and Jim Toft

    12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

    14:00 – 16:30 Workshop: ‘The Body in the Space Between’ (part 2)

    With John Hjarsoe Mortensen and Jim Toft

    16:30 – 17:15 and now need some “Dancing in the flow”

    With Jesper Odde Madsen

    We will be dancing a lot, a few words from me, but first of all exploring the connection and the energy flow between body, soul and music. Why and how do we dance? No experience required. Fun, energetic and life-affirming!

    18:00 – …

    Dinner at your choosing with Imago-friends or by yourself


    8:00 – 9:00 Morning Movement. ‘Space’

    With Lea Haderup

    This morning we will dive into working with the space within ourselves and all the space
    we have outside ourselves. we will do physical exercises and movements that support us
    in getting connected to the places inside us and outside us where we have space and
    mobility. the work will take place individually, in pairs and in the group.

    9:00-10:00 Breakfast

    10:00 – 12:30 Workshop: ‘Making the dialog more sexy’

    With Sophie Slade (from Canada)

    12:30 – 14:00 Lunch

    Lunch at one of Allinges nice café’s or in the hotel garden – as you choose

    14:00 – 16:30  ‘Cracking the Erotic Code: Helping Couples Differentiate in the Bedroom’

    With Dr. Joe Kort (from USA)

    Couples often do not talk openly about their erotic fantasies—especially those that don’t
    include a partner. This presentation will discuss how to help couples face the crisis
    when partners discover they have differing, and sometimes opposing, sexual and erotic
    fantasies. Erotic orientation is formed similarly to our imago love maps from our
    childhood. Understanding the nonsexual narrative of sexual fantasies can help couples
    develop erotic empathy and validation, ultimately creating a more differentiated sex life
    that is not driven by shame or secrecy. Therapists will learn how to help couples
    manage disgust responses and negotiate their erotic autonomy while maintaining their
    bond with each other.

    16:30 – 17: 00 Closing ceremony

    Celebrating each other and the end of a beautiful and enriching conference

    18:30 – 02:00 Dinner & garden party

    As only Imagoans can party, we will dance, laugh eat and have as deep or fun conversations as we want. This year the garden party will take place in the beautiful Klostergaarden garden, where there will be a huge tent. We will have the entire place to ourselves and we have already been promised that we can make as much noice as we want without bothering anyone. 

    There will be dinner, for both vegetarians, vegans and carnivores, but the cost is not included in the conference fee.

    And, we will have the huge pleasure of a very special and rare guest, someone that has not performed in many years: Elvis, the King himself (aka the amazing John Hjarsoe Mortensen).

    The party of the summer 2024 that you don’t want to miss!


    10:00 – 14:00 – POST CONFEERNCE

    Guided scenic walk to Hammerknuden and Hammershus with historian Jim Toft

    The trip offers completely unique nature, as well as a journey through a landscape full of stories and history. Bring your own snacks, water, and coffee. Enjoy nature, closeness, and each other.

    We conclude with a communal lunch at the restaurant: ‘Brohuset ved Hammershus,’ Slotslyngvej 9, 3770 Allinge.

    Registration is necessary as we will be making a reservation at the lunch restaurant.

    Smaller changes might be made to the program

    The Venue – Allinge Village & Klostergaarden

    The conference will once again take place in Allinge Bornholm, and this time we have found a fantastic location for the conference itself. 

    The conference venue is conveniently located 200 meters away from Klostergaarden in Allinge’s old school. It is a lovely local conference venue with all the facilities needed.

    We have reserved the entire Klostergaarden, including the beautiful garden, which we will have all to ourselves this time, including a large tent in the garden for a delightful party on Saturday evening. During the conference, it will be an Imago-hotel. There are 17 double rooms, 6 single and 2 family rooms at Klostergaarden – and many already booked. So hurry to write if you already know that you want to reserve one of them. You make pre-reservation by informing about this in your registration message. Like last time, you pay for accommodation yourself. price is approximately 1.150 pr. night (154 €) Of cause you have the option to find accommodation in other places as well.


    The price for the conference is DKK 1.300 (reception included).

    The garden-dinner

    If you have a contribution for the entertainment or any other cozy items, don’t forget those...

    Price for Garden Dinner (Main course and dessert) is approximately. DKK 350,00

    Payment for partners

    There may be partners (or friends and possibly family) who do not intend to participate in the conference and therefore do not pay DKK 1300.00. If you belong to this category but still wish to attend the welcome event on Thursday, where tapas and drinks will be served, you must pay an amount of 150

    The opening ceremony and closing ceremony are, of course, open to everyone to attend; and we hope you will choose to do so.

    Everyone is also welcome to participate in morning movement or frisbee in Klostergaarden’s garden, and it is also a “must” for you to join the dinner and Garden party on Saturday with the return of The King

    Finally, we hope for a great turnout for the post-conference on Sunday with the guided hike over Hammerknuden to Hammershus, led by our very own historian and Imago therapist, Jim Toft. Also no payment for partners.

    Cancellation policy

    From 1/5/24, registration is binding. This is because all expenses from there on, will fall back on the association to cover. First of all, we do not have the finances for that, secondly we have shaped and planned the conference according to the income we have budgeted with in relation to keynote speakers, the party, catering, etc.

    If, against all odds, due to illness or other serious life circumstances, you are forced to cancel your registration after 1/5/24, you will be charged the full conference fee (DKK 1,300) plus one night’s accommodation at Hotel Klostergården, if is this type of accommodation you have chosen. This is because we have booked the entire hotel and the cost of the room will fall back on us.